Lisieux English Senior Secondary School is founded with a vision to eradicate the cloud of ignorance from the tender minds with the divine light of knowledge, knowing fully well that true knowledge comes from God and this vision envisages the following:-
Holistic as well as integrated development of the child in ‘Toto’
Formation of a spotless character which is the crown and glory of an individual.
To develop self - esteem and self - reliance to face the challenges of life.
Stream line and fine-tune the innate and acquired talents.
To establish a just society where dignity of labour and individual rights are upheld.
To preserve the Indian cultural heritage such as family values, Ahimsa, religious harmony, secularism, etc.
To develop empathy and universal brotherhood.
To reveal the eternal truth that the only way to success is hard work and God’s Grace.
To train the students to compete in a challenging and highly competitive world with its merits and demerits’.
To develop and foster Christian values and morals.
To ensure the involvement of students in nation building.
To make apostles of peace, happiness, and prosperity there by a blessing to all and light to the whole world.
We will strain every nerve and leave no stone unturned to translate this vision into reality through well planned and meticulously implemented steps, such as.
Efficient management
A well qualified and committed faculty
Ever serving auxiliary staff
Introducing innovative approaches and modern amenities in the education field.
Maintaining a spiritual ambience along with the intellectual, in the school campus.
Imparting value based education
Presenting personality development and career guidance programmes
Imparting religious and moral education classes and practices
Giving chances to get involved in NCC (girls), Scout, Red Cross, Club Activities, DCL, Balajanasakyam, KCSL, House based activities etc.
Providing remedial coaching for slow learners
Supporting with Mental Health programmes coupled with Counselling facilities
Offering Physical training programmes and sports & games facilities
Giving soft skill training
Above all a serene campus at a pristine location with an awe inspiring view of the picturesque Vembanad Lake.
Updated on: 30 Jul 2015