Laboratory : All possible arrangements are made for the students to conduct experiments, various tests, projects and principles in Physics, Chemistry & Biology Labs.
Smart Class (Hi-Tech) : With the advent of computers and internet the teaching-learning process adorned a new mantle e-learning which has revolutionised class room learning with an audio-video profile.  Smart class enables the students to understand their lessons in a better way. The audio-visual feast will make the basic concept crystal clear and make the students inquisitive and innovative.
Computer Classes & Labs : Computers have become an integral part of modern life and it is one of the fast developing areas in the globalized world. Every information is available at the tip of the finger. Children are much inclined  towards the world of computers, that is why modern children are christened as keyboard kids. In the school, computer classes are arranged in four sections with four different computer labs. Section I (KG & LP), Section II (UP), Section III (HS), Section IV (Senior Secondary). In addition to this, high speed internet access in the lab (BSNL Broad Band) is made available.
ASL (Assessment of speaking and listening) : In order to help the students to communicate in good and effective English, special periods are allotted from Std I onwards. CBSE grants 20% of marks for ASL in Std IX, X, XI, in English exam.
OTBA  (Open Text Book Assessment): CBSE grants 10% of marks for OTBA for subjects English, Hindi, Science and Social Science. Hence, special coaching is given for OTBA. Question of 45 minutes will be included in the final examination of the above mentioned subjects in std IX and XI.
PSA (Problem solving Assessment) : To be more competent in subjects like English, Science, Mathematics and Social Science PSA is introduced. Students have to appear for PSA in Std IX and XI. FA 4 marks in Std IX, X are substituted by PSA marks in all the subjects mentioned above.
Scholarship Exams: To prove the competency of the students beyond curriculam tests opportunities are given to write competent scholarship exams. All the students have to appear atleast in two scholarship exams-one in State level another in National level.
News Paper Reading : Every student from Std. VI onwards will have a News Paper for himself. 10 minutes in the time table is allotted to News Paper reading. Synopsis of the news and editorial will be delivered during the School Assembly by one of the students whose roll no. will be called out by the Assembly in-charge.
Centre for School Mental Health : Now a days students are under much stress and strain. To maintain the mental health of each student, the centre conducts various programmes under the supervision of school psychologists. The centre aims at fostering the developmental needs, identifying and preventing barriers of learning, minimising the emotional problems, detecting  deficits in learning, reading, writing and speaking with the aid of psychological tests and thereby organising remedial strategies. Two special qualified staff are serving in the centre.
CCA : To ensure the development of the students in Literary talents, every Friday last hour is dedicated to CCA. To feel to be eco-friendly one period in a month will be spent to clean the surroundings and class rooms.
Extra-Curricular  Activities : Learning is a multi - channelled process, when it is made only knowledge based, it becomes one sided. A holistic approach towards the personality development of the child needs to bring out the innate talents, hidden abilities, life skills, attitudes and values of the child. Here lies the relevance and significance of extra-curricular activities conducted on three saturdays of the month.
Extra-curricular activities are conducted separately for LP and other classes.  Morning - L.P. Section. After noon - U.P. + H.S. two sessions - Yoga class is compulsory for all and selected items for  talent development such as Kung-fu, Karate, Music, Classical Dance, Semi-classical Dance, Modern Dance, Tabala, Violin, Organ, Pencil Drawing, Painting,  Chess, Band. 
Physical Health : The co-existence of mind and body in an individual has proved beyond doubt. The age old dictum ‘sound mind in a sound body’ clearly indicates the intricacies of both. Like physical health, mental health is also to be nourished and maintained for a happy and harmonious life. Hence we have physical training activities and Co-curricular activities.
House system and activities : The students of the school are divided in to four Houses-Blue, Green, Red, Yellow. Celebrations occurring during the academic year are headed by different houses. These houses exhibit charts on relevant subjects every fortnight in main school notice board. Houses help for better interaction, group works and healthy competitions.
Magazine and Monthly News Letter : Golden column for students to develop artistic talents,  Literary skills and creativity. A communication media between school and parents.
Class Teacher Time : Class Teachers are like mothers monitoring the students with love and care. Every Monday fifteen minutes each allotted to the class teachers to interact with the students and to instruct them on their total personality development assessing their behavioural levels.
Cool Time : Every day the class starts with ten minutes of Cooling time or meditation, a complete silence time in the school compound. All are busy; all are tensed; and likewise the students. Hence, to get into the real mood of learning, ten minutes of silence is highly beneficial.
Merit Chart : Every class is made enthusiastic with Merit Chart. Merit points are marked in the chart and special recognition and prizes are given to those who score more merit in the class every month.
Proficiency Awards : All the students who come first in the class are honoured with certificates & trophies.
School Management Committee: A statutory body as per the norms of the CBSE is constituted and is working with the assistance of the school in its management.
Sports and Games : In this fast moving world, health and fitness have become buzzwords. Hence sports and games have emerged as an integral part of total education process and it equips students with essential knowledge and skills needed for maintaining good health. Realizing this, Lisieux school provides special coaching in Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Shuttle etc. Special training is given in indoor games.
Fr.  Paul  Manavalan Memorial  Stadium  : Sports and games play an important role in the  physical development of the students. Specially trained  coaches render systematic training in athletics, shuttle badminton, volleyball, basketball, football, and cricket. Spacious and well maintained fields and courts  to the talented ones to practise.
Exhibitions, Workshops  : Maths and Science Exhibition and Work Experience (Craft work, paper craft, stitching, knitting, candle making,  book binding, doll making, dye & tie, glass painting, clay modelling, umbrella making, embosing work, dress making, penmanship, calligraphy, waste material product).
Beyond  school  gate :  Educational Tours and Picnics are conducted for all the sections (KG, LP,UP, HS, SS) separately.
Boarding Facilities : Boarding facilities are arranged for girls at Convent B.K. Hostel,  adjacent to the school.
Updated on: 30 Jul 2015